CBD Isolate

$60.00 $54.99

$60.00 $54.99

The Purest Form of CBD Available to Support Naturally Enhancing Your Quality of Life!

Okanagan CBD Isolate Powder is of the purest & strongest concentrations available, and is THC free. Our extraction process removes excess terpenes, oils, residuals & cannabinoids leaving a flavorless, odorless, fine isolate powder. This allows you to know exactly what you’re ingesting every time with every dose. Our powder is easy to measure and control dosing (using our included 40 mg spoon) giving you the flexibility to determine how potent you want your daily supplement to be. Feel healthier in a natural way.

/// No THC

/// Supports Overall Health and Wellbeing

/// Strong Relief for Pain & Inflammation

/// Helps in Alleviating Daily Stress & Anxiety

/// Versatility: Dab it, Vape it, Ingest it and Much More

/// Naturally Sourced NON-GMO, CO2 Extracted Hemp

/// Made from 100% Organic North American-Grown Hemp





Simple, Pure, All Natural

///  99+% Organic CBD Isolate



The fastest and easiest way to absorb CBD powder is by placing it directly underneath your tongue. Hold it there for 30-60 seconds. This allows the CBD to enter your bloodstream at a rapid speed providing you immediate relief to your medical symptoms. Take daily for best results.

Dosing Advice

We recommend starting with 20-25mg (half spoon) and adjusting as needed. If used for treating severe pain we suggest taking 40mg (full spoon). Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation. Experiment with dosing and feel relief while reaching your health goals.



/// 99.9+% CBD 

/// No Other Active Ingredients 

/// THC Free

/// Promotes Relief From Daily Pain

/// Helps in Reducing Inflammation 

/// Manages Stress and Anxiety

/// Easy to Handle and Measure

/// No Flavor or Smell

/// Product Consistency  

/// Contains High-CBD Amounts With 0% THC

/// Promotes Healing Without Forming a Habit



Our powder is easy to measure and control dosing (using our included 40 mg spoon) giving you the flexibility to determine how potent you want your daily supplement to be.


Keep at room temperature to preserve freshness. Store away from humidity, heat, and light.


Benefits For Your Health


CBD is an effective natural remedy for countless aches and ailments.


Anti-inflammatory properties of CBD will help you to recover faster.


CBD interacts with receptors in our brain to increase focus and restore balance.


Our CBD oil will reduce anxiety while keeping your mind calm and balanced.



Customer Reviews

26 reviews


Such fast shipping!

I was very pleasantly surprised by the ease of this transaction. I ordered it last Friday afternoon and I checked the mail yesterday, it had already been delivered! Very professional packaging and from the dose myself and my two friends tried last night, the effects are amazing. I will be posting again later on but just had to leave a review to praise okanagan CBD so far!!


Maureen Dube

CBD Isolate

I purchased the CBD ISOLATE for my large aging dog who unfortunately has developed tremors in his jaw and rear legs. After trying a number of CBD oils, some with more success than others, I came across the Okanagan CBD site. I ordered the isolate powder. It arrived quickly and turned out to be a far superior product than anything else we've tried. One small dose under his tongue each morning has eliminated the tremors. I highly recommend this product.! Thank you Okanagan CBD, you've made a tremendous difference in my dog's aging experience.



CBD Isolate

Having heard so many positive reviews about CBD I decided to give it a try. I feel fortunate that as a first time user this brand of product was introduced to me. I decided to wait a month to form a reviewable opinion . Is the hype real , or is this another fad. I have been a victim of recurring headaches for years. 2 weeks in and not a single headache . The most remarkable thing is the unexpected change . In all honesty my mental focus has greatly improved. I am a believer. I ran out last week and bought a competitors oil mixture that was supposedly the best. For me it’s not worth having to take it three times a day as opposed to a single dose of the isolate. I am here for a re order Thank you for a superior product .


Okanagan CBD

CBD Isolate

Hey Richard! It's so great to hear that you have had such a fantastic success story with CBD thank you so much for leaving this excellent review.



CBD Isolate

I love that I can blend CBD isolate with MCT oil to the potency that works for my wife and myself. Your product is excellent.



CBD Isolate

I was born with rickets have diagnoses of rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and the offshoots these cause. The biologics I was put on have destroyed my stomach and the other drugs have racked havoc on my muscle system. Needless to state, inflammation and chronic pain are a lifestyle for me, along with the other pieces they include. THC in any dose causes zombie like behaviour and all I do is sleep. This CBD has given me back a life! I am off the heavy duty drugs and although I do need aleve added once in a while, I can enjoy my days, sleep through the night and feel like there is hope. The different strength oils have given me a chance to live with less pain. The company is fair in its pricing (almost like they care = a novel concept after dealing with the medical system!!!). Giving me hope for a better future through natural means not attached to high cost pharmaceuticals masking the symptoms and not helping at the source. Thank you isn’t enough. Bless you may be a start!


Okanagan CBD

CBD Isolate

Hey Darl! I'm so happy to hear that you are finding relief from CBD and we couldn't be happier that you have chosen Okanagan CBD as your preferred supplier. We care deeply about our customers, and it's the reviews like this that make it all worth it. Thank you for taking the time to let us and fellow customers know how well CBD has been working for you. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for our customers so thank you for being here for us as we are for you!


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