CBD has come out of the shadows and into the mainstream of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical treatments in recent years. This has primarily been due to the continual grassroots efforts of cannabis advocates and supporters. CBD’s popularity seems to have sprouted overnight, which we applaud and welcome at Okanagan CBD.

However, possibly due to the increase in demand for CBD, many CBD products have often been made without consistent quality control measures. At Okanagan CBD, we find this reality disheartening. We know that CBD products made without consistent standards or manufacturing practices can deter people from wanting to use CBD for their health and well-being. 

Or worse,  poorly made CBD products can cause harm.

This is why, at Okanagan CBD, we work tirelessly to ensure all of our products are made of the highest purity and quality. Each step of the production process has been carefully considered and optimized to achieve the goal of producing a superior product. 

Details of our stringent production process, explained below, reveal our commitment to CBD quality and consistency.

Organically Grown Hemporganically-grown-hemp

We source our hemp from farms that meet our strict standards and requirements. Our hemp comes from farms that are certified organic. Additionally, the hemp plants we use remain in the ground until they reach full maturity. Ensuring our raw materials are pesticide-free and fully-grown is the first step we take at Okanagan CBD to promote a final product that is of the highest quality.

Solvent-Free Extraction Process

Eliminating the need for harsh solvents and chemicals in our production process has been achieved; our process is solvent-free. Instead, our method uses carbon dioxide. Using carbon dioxide (CO2) protects our CBD from becoming contaminated with harmful solvents like hexane, butane, or acetone.

Secondary Extraction Step

After we have extracted cannabis concentrate from the raw hemp plant using our solvent-free extraction process, a second purification step is used. This second step, called winterizing, purifies the CBD further. When winterizing is complete, all lipids and impurities have been removed, leaving a high purity CBD isolate.

Third-Party Verification 

cbd lab analysis OkanaganAfter our product is produced, we chose to prove it’s quality and purity by having it analyzed by a third-party laboratory. Chemical analysis of our CBD is performed at a facility approved by Health Canada for CBD analysis. Each batch of CBD produced by Okanagan CBD is tested for purity, presence of other cannabinoids, bacterial analysis, and contamination detection. The results of each batch are made available to our clients.

Quality and Consistency for Reliable CBD

CBD products are valuable to so many because CBD provides them with relief and wellness in a gentle, natural way. Healthcare options that are affordable, effective, and have minimal side effects, like CBD, need to be respected. That is why we insist on producing CBD products that are made with the consistency our clients demand and be of the highest quality. 


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Sep 07 2019 /// 15:17 PM


Greetings :) Am ordering this for 2 Disabled members of our family with chronic pain. Very happy to know we can order from you here in Canada now & long term! Please process any Coupons and/or Discounts possible. We really appreciate it. All the Best & Thank You for everything you all are doing to help others! God Bless You :)

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